Hypermarket "Chechosan" is a modern supermarket with European standards that respond to the increased demands of our long term and future customers. The building area of 5000 square meters there are over 40 000 items.   As one of the largest distributors in the field "CHECHOSAN" has a very wide range and high quality construction products, and finished products for indoor and outdoor decoration. Different types of products are divided into several sections - Bathroom tiles and kitchen, Tools & Hardware, Garden Center, floor coverings, furniture, mattresses and bedding, Sporting goods, bicycles, car accessories , Electrical , Paints and interior, household goods - everything you need for interior and equipment.     Except in Smolyan, "CHECHOSAN" there are stores in the cities Devin, Madan and Roudozem where you can find and order everything you need for your construction or renovation.