Paros LTD

Paros Ltd. was founded in 1993 in Gabrovo. Main activity starts trading of wall and floor ceramics, bathroom furniture. Over the years the business expanded and currently offer everything for building: - Complete furnishing of bathrooms: terracotta tiles, granite tiles, sanitary ware, plumbing and fittings. -external and internal insulation systems: EPS and XPS, rock wool, adhesives -Systems drywall: drywall, ceilings and accessories; -Insulations: liquid, roll and others; -Systems drainage: gutters, drains, pipes, drains, etc.. -Bricks, concrete, concrete flooring and products ets. In the years Paros Ltd. relies on the proper relationship with the customer, delivery of quality materials from reputable suppliers and maintain inventory in stock. With what we have proven to our customers as a reliable partner of the leading suppliers in the region.