SD Taushanovi

SD Taushanovi is in the market since 1991. The company trades in building materials, woodworking supplies and cutting tools for the woodworking, metal construction and metal processing and wholesale. Direct contracts with manufacturers from home and abroad. Largest stock in the region, a provider of sub-distributors. SPS Commerce Ltd. "SPS Commerce" Ltd was established in 1990 with main activities in the field of trade and services. Has its own bases in Karlovo , Plovdiv and Banya. Thanks to responsible entrepreneurship, our company becomes a loyal supplier with a good reputation for providing quality products and services. The activities of the company as follows: Sales of building materials, "PCA Commerce" Ltd has two warehouse for construction materials in the Karlovo and one in Plovdiv. Transportation and Logistics: The company has a license for domestic and international transport. Has 50 cars and 30 trucks over 7.5 tons, trailers and semi-trailers. Construction machinery - service and rental: The company owns an excavation and lifting equipment with different tonnage. Offers services and rent available equipment and machinery. Warehouse - renting warehouses: Warehouses with an area of ​​over 20,000 square meters and volume over 130 000kub.m.Nie offer: processing of products, receipt, storage and dispatch of goods. Service activity, "PCA Commerce" Ltd. has its own service center for repair of trucks and cars on their own equipment and external customers. Contracts with insurance brokers.